To The East my Brotha, to The East…

30 Aug

The funniest thing happened yesterday. As I was on the train, reflecting on how I have yet to return back to NYC this year, I receive a text message from my boy Duane that read “If you had only a few days to spend in NYC, what would you suggest to a 1st timer?” Whoa, talk about same wave length! So, I reply to him with the NYC tourist attractions and a few other tid-bits, away from the tourist traps. I also mention concerts in Central Park and aside from exploring Manhattan, also exploring the other Boroughs. I then ask him when he was thinking of going and if vacationing solo…and this blew me away….he replies with the exact dates that I was aiming to go and that he’s flying solo. I then tell him that I was aiming to shoot out there the same week and come back to The Bay the same day as him. To make a long story short, we then decide to travel together and utilize his “buy one/get one free voucher from Virgin America. Crazy! I swear, this, alongside other opportunities, make for the perfect ingredients to celebrating my Birthday in September. I am utmost thankful and humbled by everything that has currently presented itself and is taking flight in my life. I feel truely Blessed and optomistic of the path forward.

Again, a special Thank You, Dap-Dap, Pound-Pound, collar-pop, shoulder-dust off, shout out to my Brotha from anotha Motha, Duane Ramos aka Digga for plugging this trip! I assure you, you’re rolling with the dopest tour guide…but you must 1st pass initiation. On our 1st day in NYC, I will not say a peep as to where we must walk. What bus to take. What train to catch. Where to get off. Deal?!


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